Poster Competition Rules

Here’s your opportunity to showcase your work at the SUNN educational conference.  Have you completed a research project, audit, or service development relevant to urology/continence, and want to present your work at the SUNN conference?  There are two ways which you can enter the poster competition.  You can display your poster and give a 5-minute presentation (‘Display & Presentation’) with the best poster presentation winner taking home a €800 Michael Corcoran Memorial Education Bursary.  Alternatively, you can enter your poster for ‘Display only’ (without having to give a presentation) with the best poster displayed winning a €250 SUNN Education Bursary.

We ask that the winners use the funds to help you fund further education or attend a urological/continence conference.   We also ask that the winners give a 5-minute presentation at the following years SUNN conference telling us how the funds were used and how it was of benefit to you and urology.     

Rules of entry are as follows.

  1. The poster entry must have an impact on urology/continence.
  2. To enter either the ‘Display and Presentation’, or the ‘Display only’ competition, you must email an abstract of no more than 300 words which represents your poster to stating clearly which competition you are entering.  The abstracts will be reviewed by members of the SUNN committee and a maximum of 5 ‘Display and Presentation’ entries, and 5 ‘Display only’ entries, will be selected for the conference.  In the event of more than 5 ‘Display and Presentation’ and 5 ‘Display only’ entries, the SUNN committee will make the final decision on which category the poster will apply.  You will be notified accordingly, and all decisions are final.
  3. The following headings are suggested to structure your abstract, but you can amend as necessary – Introduction/Background, Methods, Findings, Conclusion.
  4. If you are entering the ‘Display and Presentation’ competition, you must also prepare a PowerPoint presentation of no more than 6 slides and email it to  A PowerPoint presentation template is available for download on the SUNN website ‘Poster Competition’ section under the ‘News and Events’ tab (Or by CLICKING HERE if viewing electronically).  Feel free to use this template, amend it as necessary, or design your own. 
  5. Entries to the competition must be received by midnight, one week before the conference date.
  6. You will be notified within 72 hours of receipt of your abstract if your poster has been accepted for ‘Display and Presentation’ or ‘Display only’. 
  7. If you have been accepted for ‘Display and Presentation’, your PowerPoint presentation which will be loaded on our computer system your presentation must be delivered within 5 minutes.  To be fair to all participants, you must stay within the allocated time.  (It is advisable to bring your PowerPoint presentation on a USB key as well as a hardcopy of the slides in case of technical issues on the day)
  8. All posters should be size A1 or A0, ‘Portrait’ or ‘Landscape’ orientation, laminated (optional), readable (usually a minimum of size 20 font) and you will need to bring a method of hanging it (e.g. blu-tack, tape, or pushpins)
  9. Arrive early to the conference and you will be directed to the poster presentation area where you will be responsible for hanging your poster.
  10. Good luck to all successful entrants!

You can find many examples of well-designed scientific posters online by doing a simple Google search.  There are lots of examples of qualitative and quantitative posters as well as examples of audits and service developments that may inspire your design, layout, format or content of your poster.  Here’s an example to get you started